The World Needs Chopin

The posts are mainly my random thoughts.

Things I am interested in are…

Languages, Linguistics, World History, World Peace, Labrador Retrievers, Kakapos, Shoebills,

Piano, Chopin, Aircrafts, Airports and more to come…


People Born Good Or Evil?

I heard the news that the four men convicted in the 2012 Nirbhaya gang- rape and murder case were executed this morning. Every time I think of this case, I feel sick. It is far beyond my imagination how cruel those rapists/murderer are. If you don’t know the case, please find out what happened to […]

I Am A Dog Person

I love my Angelo. He is a Labrador Retriever. BIRTHDAY-13th Feb 2013 (7yrs old) NATIONALITY-Indian(born in New Delhi) SEX-Male LIKEs-All humans/Cookies/Yogurts/Walking with his loving family/ Sleeping at his favorite spot/Going out by car HATEs-Bananas/Vegetables/Small dogs who bark at him More photos and videos to come soon:)

Ignore The Politics Please

Watch this video to know how tiny we are. We human beings must stop fighting each other NOW. I hope you all will agree with me. #worldpeace #nofight #nowar #peace #unite